Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thailand trip with a MKII Kingston

Hi everybody,

Wanted to share our family trip to Thailand, where I chose to take only one watch (!).
Obviously, the MKII Kingston was the wrong tool for the job...
no 2nd time zone, no date, no altimeter or barometer and the only
function the KS has - time telling - is a little unnecessary in Thailand,
where time is measured in hours, not seconds

But who cares?
The KS looks great and gets the attention and respect of locals and tourists,
and as far as taking all I can throw at it - monsoons, swimming, snorkeling, diving,
hiking... the KS is a real tool and care free.
Another thing - in almost 4 weeks it gained 35 sec, less than +2 a day!

I have some pics (well, maybe more than "some" ), and it took some effort
as my family had a good laugh every time I took a wrist shot
Speaking of family - I don't like posting pics of my family over the net so I'm the only one
that will be in this pics (with one or two blurred-faces exceptions), sorry for that.

On with the pics:

White temple in Northern Thai

Another temple

Top heavy on the road to Chiang Mai

Rice fields (no need for a 2000m diver)

The Karen tribe

A view of the Mekong river

Cruising the Mekong on a long-tail-boat

Nice "Movement" on this boat

Gilt Budha x gilt Kingston near the border triangle (with Burma and Laos)

Moving on to some action -
Zipline (omega gliding) in a rain forest, a high-adrenalin experience,
a few hundreds meters in the air and the longest line is 400m long.

My 5 years old son couldn't get the smile off his face

Me, my two girls and my wife too

Care for a toilet break?

River rafting

Mountain hiking through the magnificent mountain and country view, just breath taking

Funny looking grass

Hot water spring

A WWI old bridge

Enough forests - now from the North to the islands in the south
(shot taken through our plane's window)

This is Phi Phi island (pronounced PI-PI)

This is the local truck

Going on a speed boat for a day to explore the near islands and lagoons

on another day - visiting James Bond island
("The man with the golden gun", 1974)

Canoes around Pheng-Nga bay

A clime to Phi-Phi's highest hill for a sunset view over the island

Near the pool

Thank you for looking
Cheers, Galpo

Friday, June 22, 2012

My first Citizen Diver Restoration

I've found it at the local flea market, one of the sellers there I know for years
and he was saving it for me after buying it from the original owner.

According to some Google reasearch, it is a 1977 model.
The movement is a Citizen 8210A, Model # is 52-0110.
I like the design and it feels very well made

This is how I got it:

I've opened the back and discovered a clean movement and a fresh gasket.
The original owner was somehow connected to watches (so the seller told me)
so I assume that he took care of servicing it properly.

The dial itself is in good shape, not including the luminous material
that deteriorated over the years. Hands are in bad shape too.

The crown is taken out when pushing a little crown release button.
I was surprised to find out that the crown has 2 gaskets:
one is inside the crown, keeping water out when tightened,
and another one inside the case tube!
I've found both in good shape, pliable and quiet fresh.

Now for the re-luming. A lot of material has to come of...

Just like a Seiko 6105 dial, it's easy to fill those indices with new C1.
Note the logo, it wants to break free :)

After curing and resetting the hands (relumed too, sorry, no pics)

Cleaning the bezel and case

And... it's ready for some time telling :)

Is the lume there? yes!

Mmmm, what shall it be, Oyster bracelet or Bond nato?

That's it, I think I'll keep this little beauty for now.
Thanks for looking,